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Transform your old Bath, Basin, Tiles, Sanitaryware, back to NEW ! and ready to use in 24 hours 

Bath Re-Enamelling!
If the surface of your bath or basin is rough, worn, chipped or just the wrong colour, our bath re-enamelling service is for you.
It restores the surface to look like NEW again. When we re-enamel your bath or basin we:
Remove all the bath rust
Repair all bath chips
Repair any other damage or surface imperfections
Prepare the surface using our own exclusive materials
Apply our specialized enamel to the bath using our unique Bathline Re-enamelling technique in the colour of your choice
Bathline technology means that your bath, basin, and sanitaryware can be re-enameled on the spot in just a few hours with no expensive re-tiling or re-plumbing and no mess!

At Bathline we will completely re-enamel your bath using our commercial strength Enamel, which is specifically designed for the punishment and heavy use a bath experiences. This sets us apart from other companies who rely on industrial paints, resins, and other resurfacing methods, which usually end up fading, discolouring, peeling or scratching. 

You can sit back and relax knowing Bathline guarantees their work for 5 YEARS in writing!
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5 Year Guarantee

In the unlikely event that our coating becomes defective, we offer a 5 year written guarantee against all our workmanship.

Save up to 75%

Save up to 75% when you choose to resurface with Bathline rather than replace ...

Cast Iron / Acrylic / Plastic / Fiberglass

We are able to resurface most surfaces of Baths, Tiles, Sanitaryware, Basins, Vanity Slabs, Toilets, and more

Baths that have previously been resurfaced by one of our competitors, peeling and chipping !

Don't replace it ..... Refinish it ! In only 1 day

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